Mills of Grab

Mills of Grab

Preserved cultural heritage

A set of old mills built in the pure and unspoiled nature, with the source of the river Grab in which the mill is named. The oldest date back to the 17th century, and were built until the 19th century, some of which are still in operation and allow a return to the past and see how people used to live.

Bugarins mill is now an upgraded two-storey building and there is a fish farm in its vicinity. The mill has six mills of the kasikara type, which are still occasionally operational.

Ćosićs mill was built on the right bank of the river Grab. It features horizontal kasikare water wheels located under the arches of the building, through which water flows and runs the wheel. The mill originally had four mill wheels and a pillar and vat which have not been fully preserved. Next to the building of the mill there is a horse stable and the two-storey building in which the miller lived. The mill is now in ruins. Next to it is a small stone bridge built of hewn local stone with four semicircular arcs. The bridge and the mill are a unique complex of traditional architecture.

Ursićs mill is a smaller complex of mills built on one of the sources of the river Grab and is the oldest of the mills. Due to the difference in water levels, it consists of a winter and summer mill and the miller's flat. Three mills are originals and of the kasikare type and two are newer, with iron constructions. It is a unique example of a mill which adjusts to water levels.

Samardžićs mill on the river Grab. This highly valuable rural complex of mills was built in the 19th century and consisted of the mill building, a residential house and a stone bridge with two semicircular beams. The buildings were made of dressed stone, and the gabled roofs are covered with stone slabs. The mills are still operational. As part of the mills there are also the badnji for washing woollen biljci.

Photo: Emil Škare


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