Traditional Recepies

Frog stew

Pour 2 dl of olive oil and 1 dl of sunflower oil in a pan. Peel five medium-sized tomatoes in warm water and remove seeds, chop, place in the pan and gently cook. When the tomatoes are half done, add twelve frogs, five finely chopped garlic cloves and half a sprig of parsley, salt, a spoonful of Vegeta if needed; cover with a lid and leave to cook for half an hour, shaking the pot occasionally. Serve with white bread.

The Cetina crabs

Wash the crabs thoroughly under running water. The crabs should be alive. You will need a kilogram of crabs. Put the pot with crabs on a well heated stove. Give the crabs a liberal sprinkle of salt, add 4-5 cloves of garlic, finely chopped parsley, pepper, 1 dl of olive oil and a cup of white wine and cover immediately. Cook for 20-25 minutes. While the crabs are cooking, do not remove the lid so that the crabs turn a deep crimson. You should not mix the dish with a spoon, so shake the pot several times during cooking. Note that the temperature when preparing this dish must be extremely high.

Literature: Ante Hrste, “The Sinj Cookbook”

Source: Catalog Medpaths

Photo: Zoran Alajbeg


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