Perhaps the best way to get acquainted with the hidden world of farmed fields, with the soul of an area and its people, little springs, rocks in the karst, adjoining small rivers, grapevines, traditional architecture and all other things that make this region more special; is to go hiking, on trails which all have their own separate stories to tell.


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Walking path – "Gaius Laberius"

Walking the full 3 km over the Gardun hill will provide you with an insight into the world of flora and fauna of this region. Curiosities that adorn the path are Tilurium, a Roman army camp with a military dormitory, a cistern, mosaic remains, and bastions, St. Peter's Church at the very top of Gardun, and the unique view at the city of Trilj and its surroundings.

Camp bastions, 3 metres wide, are preserved at the western and northern sides.

A monumental water cistern was found, and so were the remains of the architecture with its floor mosaic, as well as numerous inscriptions, weapons and jewelry, and Gaius Laberius stella. Archeological explorations were conducted in 1998 and 1999. Buildings that are believed to be military dormitories have been found south of the local road. Wide stone walls are supported by massive stone counterforts.

Walking path "Izvori" (Sources)

An 11-km long walking path leads through Grab, Velić, Jabuka and Gaz. The path follows the spring Česma that dates back to 1992, and Smrdelj spring, and the path circumambulates Grabske Mlinice (Grab Mills).

Village Kozina is a very valuable complex of rural architecture built in the traditional way by using the affixed stone which was lined with bricks in regular rows. Village estates are mostly made of one-flight houses which were used for habitation and one-story houses that were used for commercial purposes. Houses here are mostly built with gabled roofs covered with stone panels. They are characteristic of the area for their very nice and precisely-made stone terraces enclosed with thick walls.


  • 04.07.2017.

    On 14th of July Trilj is becoming capital of blues sound because than begins Thrill Blues Festival and Cetinska Krajina Region will host the biggest names of blues music, Eric Sardinas & Big Motor from L.A...

  • 18.05.2017.

    Tourist Board of the town of Trilj is organizing election for the most beautiful house yard in Trilj. This is a part of an program „I love Croatia, I love Trilj“. Applications will be recieved between 18th of May an 18th of July 2017. It must include name and surname of the owner of house yard, his adress and phone number...

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