Geographical Position

Geographical Position

In the green oasis of the Dalmatian Hinterland, protected by a mild climate and located only 30 km from Split and 45 km from Makarska Riviera, lies a small, picturesque town by the Cetina river. At one time, this area had the most important bridge crossing in Dalmatia, and today it constitutes an important intersection of roads that connect the North and the South of the country. It is a real heaven for nature lovers, excursionists and adventurers. For centuries now, the natural beauty found here remained almost untouched, its historical legacy was mysterious and unexplored, and on some village properties it seems as if time has stopped.

The Trilj area boasts of a mild ambience, located between both sides of the river on the southeast of Sinjsko Polje, far away from the mountain range which encloses it – Kamešnica in the northeast and Mosor in the south. The flow of the Cetina river is also peaceful all the way to Trilj, and then the waters of the river enter the tight canyon of the steep rocky sides through which they rapidly flow to the threshold of the river mouth.

Trilj at the palm of your hand

In an extraordinary position between the coast and the deeper inland, and Highway A1 Zagreb-Split, and further, on the way to Dubrovnik, passing through the Trilj region, Trilj positions itself within reach and in the corridor of all the most important tourist routes.

Trilj is in the palm of your hand to all who wish to visit it and from it one can easily reach the most important tourist destinations of this region. And to reach your favorite destinations by a pleasant road trip, it will take you the following times:

  • Trilj - Split = 25 min
  • Trilj - Sinj = 10 min
  • Trilj - Omiš = 40 min
  • Trilj - Makarska = 40 min
  • Trilj - Trogir = 55 min
  • Trilj - Zagreb = 3 h
  • Trilj - Dubrovnik = 3 h


  • 04.07.2017.

    On 14th of July Trilj is becoming capital of blues sound because than begins Thrill Blues Festival and Cetinska Krajina Region will host the biggest names of blues music, Eric Sardinas & Big Motor from L.A...

  • 18.05.2017.

    Tourist Board of the town of Trilj is organizing election for the most beautiful house yard in Trilj. This is a part of an program „I love Croatia, I love Trilj“. Applications will be recieved between 18th of May an 18th of July 2017. It must include name and surname of the owner of house yard, his adress and phone number...

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