The Fort Čačvina

The Fort Čačvina

Preserved cultural heritage

The fortress was built on a hill northeast of Trilj for the purpose of monitoring one of the most important paths leading through the interior of Dalmatia since prehistory. It consists of two towers connected by an elongated courtyard. The east tower, larger and better preserved, has an irregular circular layout on the outside, but a well-preserved octagonal layout on the inside.

The west tower is smaller and less preserved. There are confirmed archaeological finds dating from late antiquity to the beginning of the eighteenth century, with emphasis on the late Middle Ages. Under the fortress there is situated the old parish church with a bell tower on the facade, built in the eighteenth century. The fortress was first mentioned in 1371, and belonged to the dukes Nelipics until the beginning of the 15th century. At the end of the seventeenth century it fell into Turkish hands, until 1718, when it came into Venetian possession.

Photo: Emil Škare


  • 11. June 2024.

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