Preserved cultural heritage

Roman legionary camp Tilurium is settled on the northeastern part of a plateau above Trilj, on the right bank of the river Cetina (Hyppus), as one of the most important military hubs in Roman province of Dalmatia – encampment of the 7th Roman legion (legio VII. Claudia pia fidelis). It covers around 12 hectares, and today the ancient settlement is covered with central part of the village Gardun which is right above Trilj.

Camp is situated on a very important strategic location, since the elevation above sea level is dominating the surrounding area and thus enabling control over the river Cetina communication.

Part of the walls is clearly visible today on the western side of the camp, and partly on the northern side.

Among the Gardun findings there are also numerous moveable findings from the Roman era, especially fragments of very luxurious ceramic and glass ware, different jewelry and utility items, metal parts of military equipment, tools and weapons, money specimens and fragmentary inscriptions and sculptures.


  • 11. June 2024.

    Let’s keep the blues young is the motto of the seventh consecutive Thrill Blues Festival, which will take place on the fifth, sixth and seventh of July in the city park in Trilj.