Kamešnica is a mountain situated on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is the extension of the Dinara mountain range. It is abundant in geotectonic phenomena such as sinkholes, caves, valleys and plateaus. From the south, on its Croatian side, accessed by the Sinj – Otok – Korita – Gornja Korita road, the way leads to 800m above sea level. The hiking trail then follows along the barren slope to the Kurljaj peak (1809m). The path continues for a few kilometres along the mountain peaks to the Konj summit (1856 m), Kamešnica's tallest peak.

Kamešnica is a beautiful mountain for hiking in spring and autumn, but due to its exposure to air currents and the clash of two climatic regions, there are also sudden and unforeseen changes in the weather, so hikers need always be cautious.

Many pure plant species with exceptional healing properties can be found on Kamešnica, including mountain mint, wormwood, alpine lichens, thyme, sage, gentian, hellebore and many others. The animal world is not very varied because the mountain tops are bare, and the mountain is mostly populated by reptiles, several lizard species, numerous green lizards, vipers, Orsini's vipers (small, up to 30cm in length) and nonvenomous snakes such as grass snakes, whip snakes and so on. Wolves populate the northern side of the mountain and its forested regions, alongside foxes and wild boars, and it is possible to meet lynxes and brown bears, although not very often.


  • 11. June 2024.

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