The River Cetina

The River Cetina

The Cetina is part of the Adriatic basin, and is located in Split-Dalmatia County. It is 105km long and flows into the Adriatic Sea near the town of Omiš.

The Cetina springs at an altitude of 385m on the northwestern slopes of Dinara near the village of Cetina, 7km north of Vrlika, after which the river was named. The source of the Cetina is a lake over a hundred metres deep.

Near Vrlika there is Peruća Lake, artificially created by a dam 25km downstream on the river Cetina. Past the lake, the river flows through the karst area and Sinjsko polje towards the town of Sinj. The Cetina leaves Sinjsko polje under Gradun, near the town of Trilj, and flows into the canyon towards the south. Above the canyon, there is the Nutjak fortress. The banks near the canyon and the river is deep and slow. Once upon a time, the waters flowed quickly and powered many mills, but the dams have slowed them down. The Cetina turns to the southeast near Bisko, and is followed by the A1 motorway from there. It turns south near Šestanovac, passes under the A1, and soon turns around Mosor near Zadvarje and continues westward. It flows into the Adriatic Sea in Omiš.

During the summer season, in the lower course of the river Cetina (from Slime to Radman's mills near Omiš), 3-4 hour rafting sessions take place twice a day.

The Cetina river hydropower system includes the hydroelectric power stations Peruća, Orlovac, Đale, Zakučac and Kraljevac, and the Buško blato pumping station.

The Cetina canyon is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of central Dalmatia, spanning 8km from its estuary in Omiš, upstream towards Radman's mills. It has been under statutory protection since 1963, as a special geomorphological phenomenon created by the Cetina on its way to the sea. The Cetina's lower course cuts deeply into the limestone surface between Mosor and Dinara, forming a canyon up to 300m in height, a wonderful challenge to all those looking for an adrenaline rush. The river Cetina, surrounded by lush vegetation and featuring a number of little islands, sometimes completely still, is a place to recharge both your body and your soul.


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